Hey there world, my name is Carolina (Ca-ro-lee-na) a Colombian who went to NYC to make her dreams come true, become an artist. I used to work as a Civil Engineer but I left everything behind and gave my life a 180° turn, and as crazy as it seems, I thought it was crazier to never give myself the chance to be happy.


I had the great opportunity to be part of the New York Film Academy's Professional Conservatory of Musical Theatre and trained with Broadway performers who guided me through the process of becoming a better artist on stage and on camera. I always look forward to new experiences and opportunities to share the stage with people who are willing to bring a message to this world. 


Besides being an artist, I'm a foodie and a traveler, I deeply believe that the more you travel, the more you get to understand and learn from cultures and lifestyles that are different from our own. Beyond that, food is a tool that if one is careful enough to pay attention; it can tell you a lot from the place you are visiting, such as history, weather or even economy. If you guys are interested in the way this journey will go, check my social media because as a millennial, you will find my three passions there.